401 error

Been trying to send VAT return this message pops up

There was a problem submitting your VAT return

Hmrc Error Code: 401
Message: Authentication information is not provided

Have tried disconnecting and reconnecting same message all the time?? Very frustrating - how do I fix?

Hi @langleywill,

You will need to make sure that you have fully disconnected the old account to do this go to Reports > HMRC view the account and then click the disconnect button

There is only a connect button no disconnect?

OK i found the disconnect button, but still the same error code?

You need to click the “view” link for each row in the table, the disconnect button is on the per-account detail screen.

I’d start over, i.e. first disconnect all accounts from that page to completely empty the table, and only then connect again. When you connect make sure you selected organisation rather than individual, and if you have several gateway accounts make sure you’re connecting the right one (to be 100% sure actively click the sign out link on https://tax.service.gov.uk/business-account before you start the connect process from QuickFile).

Then go to reports -> VAT returns -> settings, and make sure you’ve got the online filing and MTD boxes both ticked and your HMRC account selected in the drop down, and that your VAT number is correct.

Brilliant finally sent!

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