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Ability to add receipt when creating purchase

If I make an online purchase - say from Amazon - I immediately save the receipt as a .pdf. When I enter the purchase into Quickfile, I have to complete the purchase form, save it, go back to Show All Purchases, then reselect and re-view the same purchase before I have the option of attaching the .pdf receipt. It would save time and frustration if I could add the receipt at time of creation.
Any chance of this feature being introduced?

I don’t think there’s any need for this when there is already The Receipt Hub

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You don’t have to go back to “all purchases”, when you’ve saved the purchase the info banner at the top includes a link that takes you straight to the purchase preview screen.

But more generally, it sounds to me like you should use the Receipt Hub as that’s designed for the workflow you are asking for. Upload the PDF to the receipt hub, then go through the tagging process there and there’s the option to create a new purchase that way, which also attaches the PDF receipt to the resulting purchase record.

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