Access Denied on Uploaded Receipt with £ Symbol

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I’m having this issue a lot lately… The PDF is viewable from the receipt hub, but when I link the receipt to a credit note after having created a credit note from the original invoice, I get this error…

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

The typical file name is:

Global Credit 0000027462 -£32.64.pdf

Any ideas?

If there have been issues in the past with “unusual” characters in file names then I would suspect the £ sign as the most likely problem this time (the £ character takes two bytes to represent in UTF-8 and commonly appears wrongly when a piece of code is not careful enough about character encodings, as a programmer this has bitten me several times over the years).

Does it work for files without a pound sign in their names?

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As @ian_roberts suggested, it is an issue with the £ symbol encoding in the file name, but only when you import an existing receipt already in the document manager. Uploading directly to the purchase would work fine.

We’re looking at this now and we will correct the link and fix the underlying issue.

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