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Accessing bank statements past 28 days

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Does this mean that with quickfile I have to sync with or download from bank at Max every 28 days?

Regarding the CSV download answer.

Santander CSV download is a mess, several characters are included before the recipient (of funds) on their standard CSV output. This requires a lot of manual work in excel with eg =left(…) to parse the data to leave recipient / seller business name.

I don’t know the format of a standard Open Banking CSV, but I am sure it is not same as Santander.

Is there some way to import a standard Santander csv to use with quickfile or convert it to open banking, or do I have to go through the manual process to convert CSV for import, for all data >28 days and every time I forget to get data within 28 days?

Hi Colink,
I am not with Santander. But open banking rules are more or less general. If you activate your feed to your bank the first time, you can get your transactions from the last 28 days. If you want data from before that you have to upload a bank statement in csv format, which you can download from your bank.
Once the feed is setup it will download new transactions every night. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to re-authorise the feed every 90 days. That is not a limitation from quickfile it is a security standard in Open Banking.

To upload your CSV file to quickfile (not open banking feed) there is no time limit. You can even upload statements from 2 years ago or older.
Before I used the open banking feed feature I uploaded my statements as well, which were also quite messy. To make things easier, I recorded a macro in my office program and run this macro every time before uploading the file to quickfile.
Hope this helps

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Thanks for your prompt reply and clarification. As it is a one time import I will manage to sort out Santander’s messy CSV.

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