Help bank feed imports

I’m stressed :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve paid for the bank feed service it won’t import my 2019 bank statements only January 2020 can someone tell me how to get the feed system to import my 2019 statements I’m on the clock need this done by tomorrow year end Friday!

Please explain in basic terms I don’t understand this software at all and no one to help me!

Candi x

Hi @Candi

The bank feed will only go back up to 28 days.

For any transactions prior to this you would need to import a CSV file or similar from your online banking account.

Have you only just started using QuickFile? If so, what did you use before?

I paid for this service to avoid importing statements CSV files i can’t remember how to do it… i had quickfile for all my accounts until april 2019 i then switched to quickbooks and an accountant but i’m doing 2018-2019 accounts myself. so need this data on this system to file my tax return.

In that case, if you can get a trial balance from your previous accounts, that will give you opening balances. However, a CSV file is likely to still be needed to fill any gaps.

Each bank is different, but you can export a CSV, usually from the statement or recent transactions page.

ok i’ll try its very convoluted and i find it hard to export import but i’m on it.

thanks x

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