Account Migration

I have changed my company name into a LTD company and also become VAT registered. I decided to create a new Quickfile account to start fresh books, but i would like to export my client lists and import them on the new system.

I have found your export - import tool. But it only allows exporting 50 per time and also doesn import all the data on the client like there contact details etc,

for example your export has “contact name” your import wants “contact first name” “contact second name”.

Seems like it needs work or i may be doing something wrong?

Hi Andy,

I think what you have found just exports what you see on your screen - really what you would need to move data over is the Client_Ledger.csv from the account backup.

There is a guide on how to create back-ups here: Create a data backup schedule

If it is easier for you then we can copy over your suppliers/clients for you. We will just need to know the original account number and the account you wish to copy the information to.

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