Accounting for card collection fee to payment processor

Hi there. I use a third party card payment machine, and they charge a small 2.7% per transaction,


When I put they payment as ‘card’ in the payment type box I need to remove the charge or my banking will be out (for example, I charge £100 for work, but only receive £97.30 if the customer uses card payment)

This will make a difference at the year end. Can anyone please advise on how to set up card payments correctly (basically so the charge is removed post payment) so my banking total is correct…??

You would treat this like any other merchant account (PayPal for example). There’s a good write up in the knowledge base for this:

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hi there, im intrested to know how to do this, I use Sumup and they take 1.69% but the link in the above answer shows a page does not exist error. can someone show me how to automate this process?

The equivalent article on the new knowledge base is here:

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Hi james1, you mentioned that you use SumUp. If you are may interested in an automated bank feed for sumup in quickfile you can go to this feature request (click link below) and vote for it in the top left corner.

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