Accounting for taxi drivers

Hi, having trouble entering things in the right place. My husband is a taxi driver, but all his work comes through via another company. So for example weekly takings could be a total of £900 made up as follows Cash £216.90, his card payments £52, paid within 3 days, card payments via the booking company £200 payable at end of each week, and then account work 431.10 which is payable 2 months later.

How do I account for it all,

Do you have a separate business bank account (or an account used just for the business at least) and do you bank the cash?

Do you want/need to itemise anything as far as customers/trips go or are you just looking to lump all payments together?

First places to look I think would be;

I feel the difficult bit is, that company the account work is booked through deduct the office and admin rent off first so for example total account work for May is £2000 this is paid in July less the £600 rent for July, so only £1400 would be paid in to the bank which would not tie in with the outstanding account invoices, also not all the cash is paid in to the bank.

There’s 2 ways of handling that, and I think the only difference is the way it is handled behind the scenes (where it appears on the CoA). You could use a holding account to pay the rent invoice and then issue a sales invoice for the full amount. You would then pay the invoice from the current account and the holding account so the final tally would be all invoices paid up and all the accounts reconcile/balance. Also the sales and rents etc would be posted to the correct nominals.

Or you could enter a line on the sales invoice for a negative amount (the same way some people here handle sales commissions) so it would have;

Work £2000
Rent -£600
Total £1400

This would still end up with you owing the same amounts but the rent would then be appearing in the sales nominals.

Not the end of the world, just need to make sure you account for non-banked cash manually. If you are using the bank feeds it just makes it easier to bank the cash so it appears on the bank feed automatically.

Would need 2 separate accounts in QuickFile
Recommended, seek professional advice.

What needs 2 accounts in Quickbooks, and what is the relevance of that?

Open 2 accounts in QuickFile

Why? For what exactly?

one for cash transactions and one for bank.

Create a bank account in quickfile for cash if you wish. Can just record takings to that account.

As for things like fees being deducted the easiest method is as follows.

Create a new bank account in quickfile. Say for example you have card sales of 500 and a fee of 50 which would result in a payment received of 450 you would do this.

Using your new account you created, add a money in transaction of 500 tag it to your sales invoice. Then create a money out transaction for 50 and tag it to your fee nominal. Finally create a money out transaction for 450. Once payment is received in your normal bank account just tag the created transaction as a bank transfer to your normal account, matching it to the payment recieved

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