Add mileage expenses to invoice

Following on from a previous question (thanks for the answers) I have now set up a new supplier for mileage. I can’t figure out how to show this on my invoices? It needs to look like this - can be several different dates on the one invoice

     date  job details                            hourlyrate       hours worked      total cost
             (separate line) mileage         rate per mile   number of miles  total cost

Thanks - appreciate all the help.


Hello Lesley

I have attached the support article below which may help

Hi Steve, it doesn’t mention anything about how to add the mileage expense to my normal client invoice.



Try the following:-
Reports…Chart of Accounts…Create New Account…Enter Specific Code…Code 4905…A/c Name “Mileage Recharged” …Save
Create a new sales invoice…in the description, type “Mileage”…You need to click the settings icon and find “Mileage Recharged” .You can use the unit cost as cost per mile and qty as miles chargeable and see how it looks.

Aha! So then all I do at year end is subtract the amount in mileage from general sales!

Thanks :+1::smiling_face:

If you put the mileage into a different sales code as suggested above then it won’t be part of “general sales” at all - your P&L will show general sales and “mileage recharged” separately, with the sum as the total turnover.

Wow I can be really thick sometimes :sweat_smile:

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