Add new invoice language (Welsh)

I am very tempted to use Quickfile and associated features. However, working in Wales I must to be able to invoice in the officially recognised Welsh. This is an important feature for us in Wales as Welsh is language of business and expected when dealing with some clients especially in the media and politics sectors. Some colleagues have expressed an interest but have not adopted Quickfile for this very reason.

How can I change the column headings and field names that appear on an invoice? All I can find is layout options.

When creating an invoice it is possible to select from a handful of languages (e.g. French, Spanish, German etc). We’d be happy to add Welsh as an option there too.

We have a langauge file (download from the link below) with all the columns in English, we’d just need a Welsh speaker to add the translations. If you can do this and upload the edited file I’ll try to get these added in the next couple of days.

qf_lang_file.csv (624 Bytes)

Thanks Glenn, the translation is done and uploaded here. Looking forward to using it.
Welsh Invoice translation.csv (879 Bytes)

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Many thanks! The language fields have been entered into the system so you should now find an option to raise invoices in Welsh. Please kindly test this and let me know if there are any problems.

Diolch yn fawr! :smile:

Nice to see a company like QuickFile actually implementing this!

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Welsh Invoice translation 01.csv (880 Bytes)

Annwyl / Dear Glenn,

I have had a look at the .csv file for Welsh language version and have made one change to oddiwrth → oddi wrth (two separate words for “from”).

I am not sure how useful this Welsh only version will be as when I receive invoices from organisations who use the Welsh language they use both Welsh and English languages.

Is it possible to have another choice on the language list Welsh / English or English / Welsh, probably the latter as there are other fields that do not change when using a different language i.e. Email / Ebost and Phone / Ffôn.

Oddi wrth / From Alan

Thanks Alan, I’ve updated that on the main language template so it should be correct on the system now.

About adding Welsh / English or English / Welsh, I can’t see any problem with this although I think we’ll have an issue getting the two words for each label on separate lines. I think the way the system works is by flattening each label onto a single line which may look a bit strange.

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