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Add terms and conditions page to invoice


It would be useful if we could upload our terms and conditions to QF which would then be added as a separate page onto the end of the invoice if we tick to show the terms on the invoice creation page.

Not sure if anything like this is being planned or been suggested before?

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Terms & Conditions Acceptance

Hi @ryansb

It’s not possible to add a page like this, but please take a look at the following topics - these should help put a workaround in place:


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Thanks @QFMathew! :slight_smile:

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+1 vote for being able to add a T&C’s page. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the option to upload a (or several) HTML or DOCX file to the document manager, and with a drop down on invoice/estimate creation allowing you to select the appropriate file that gets phased into the PDF creation process on page 2.

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hint hint: 12.2 Document Stitching on ASPPDF manual :wink:


  • 1 vote from me, Id like to add T&Cs to my invoices and perhaps some form of acknowledgement that the client has opened or read the T&Cs or that the client has made aware that the T&Cs were available to them to download, print etc (perhaps a compulsory a tick box before exiting the invoice page) .
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Hi @Danny01

You may be interested in the posts I previously linked to above. You could use the ‘Accept’ button as a way of confirming they agree to the terms and conditions, and attach or link to them from the invoice itself.

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I’d thought about using the ‘accept’ button in such a way, however some of my clients do not want, and in fact refuse, to use the portal (as frustrating as that is) as they say it adds more time to their own processes, hence having the T&C’s as additional pages to the invoice is really the only option.



Not directly an issue for me but I would agree with gcotton that some clients don’t use the portal at all, I can tell by the number of paid invoices never opened, and most of the others won’t click through to anything beyond the top sheet of the invoice.




We use QF for our Village Hall Accounts. I have registered as a power user. Mostly its been a great fit (4 weeks in…) but I have a real problem with ‘one off hire’.

For one off hire we have consolidated the terms/conditions and the invoice. The customer needs to sign to accept the terms and conditions. Looking at the Estimate facility this is a good fit (click to accept etc) but I cannot find a way to extend the available fields to be big enough hold the terms and conditions - needs to be an extra couple of A4 pages. I have looked through the support forum but I can’t find an answer.

Example attached to show you what I mean. We can change the English around a bit to fit the Estimate format but whatever we do we need extra space. Is there any way to do this?

many thanks, Karen

Hiring Agreement NWVH.pdf (328.5 KB)



Hi Karen,

I’ve merged your post to this open feature request as I think it’s pretty much what you’re looking for, although please correct me if I am wrong?

Just so we can understand the requirements a little better, I wondered if you require dynamic fields (e.g. name, address) in the terms and conditions section or whether it would just be a static document appended to the estimate?



Hi Mathew,

Thanks for your prompt reply. In terms of requirement, the ‘must have’ is extra space to be able to include the static terms and conditions. The personal details (name etc) we can get around by creating new customers each time and have these pull into the Estimate as part of the system.

On a different note, we are using new customers each time (rather than new contact within single ‘Event Hire’ customer) to be able to see who is hiring when we reconcile the payments as only the customer name shows (not the contact) on that screen. If there is a way of showing the contact & customer on the reconcilliation screen then even better, but unless you know off the top of your head don’t worry - I’ll look at that another day as its a ‘nice to have’.

many thanks, Karen



We’re looking into adding support for “Supplementary Pages” that can be added to invoices and estimate. This would be a good fit for appending Ts and Cs, and they should allow for some degree of flexibility in terms of formatting and mail-merge fields. It may be 2-3 weeks before we have anything concrete but we will keep you updated here.

Regarding the second point, I’m not 100% sure which screen you’re reconciling on? Although for the payment list and most other areas it would show just the client name, not the contact. I think having individual clients for each job is the correct way to go about it.



Hi Matthew,

Great if you are adding functionality to cover this - I’ll wait with keen interest!

Thanks for your advice on the other matter - I’ll do as you suggest.

best regards, Karen



@Karen_Scott @FolkLondon @gcotton @ryansb

We’ve just released a new feature called “Supplementary Pages”. This allows you to create your own customised templates that can be appended to invoices and estimates. It should work perfectly for things like terms and conditions, or creating sign-off sheets and that sort of thing.

More info on Supplementary Pages here.

Knowing a few HTML tags is useful, but if you get stuck just give us a shout and we’ll try to guide you.

Also this feature is brand new so may evolve a little over the next few weeks, any feedback will be much appreciated!



It may interest some to know that we’ve released a further update today so that you can show a confirmation box and request that the user acknowledges acceptance of your terms and conditions. This follows on from the Supplementary Pages feature we launched last week.

Pre-Acceptance Notifications for Invoices and Estimates

@gcotton not sure if this helps?

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