Address Labels Direct Print

Have been using Quickfile for some months now, mostly works very well.

Something that would be very useful would be a feature to send (poss. from the invoice preview or send page) the customers details (Inv. No., Name and address) to a label printer e.g Brother P-touch.

I have a Dymo address label printer. I’m not sure about Brother but on my printer it runs it’s own native software. I don’t know if it would be even possible for your browser to talk to the label printing software?

You don’t need to talk to the software, just have a ‘print address label’ button that extracts the required details from the page and then sends it to print. The OS will print directly to the printer.

In the interim what the OP could do is just select the address etc on the page and then hit print and check the ‘selection’ radio button. The success of this depends on the invoice template layout and the printer driver but it’s worth a try.

Thanks for the replies

Yes the OS correctly links to the label printer.

I have got the print selection method to work in Chrome, but have to adjust most of the settings (some are hidden) otherwise you will print seven plus labels as the web headers and footers are printed by default.
Firefox crashed when I adjusted the settings at the print pre-view, will try again later if I have time

Also have a Dymo printer will try that one later.

I tried directly printing from Chrome to a DYMO, it took some time to set the page up then when hitting print nothing happened.

There’s some discussion here on how to get DYMO working directly from Chrome. I’ve not had time to test this right now.

Hi, just printing address labels for our Christmas cards and feel it would be very useful to be able to export client addresses. Currently it only exports phone numbers and emails not addresses. Would it be possible to expand ?



Hi @mulready

Your best bet would be to run an account back up by following the guide below. This would give you all your account data, but it will also give you a .csv file with the address and more relating to all of your clients.