Affiliate Scheme with QuickFile

Can anyone tell me if QuickFile runs an affiliate scheme. I am in the process of setting up a website promoting my accounting practice using QuickFile as the central platform for my clients. 1) Can I legitimately mention that I use QuickFile in my self-promotion? I should think I can, and 2) do you have an affiliation scheme running offering a percentage against referrals, and in that do you offer any form of discounts?



Hi StuartNorfolk
I think Quickfile does not pay money if you bring new customers but I am not sure about that. But they have a affinity scheme where you get a discount for the amount of your clients which are connected/linked to your affinity account. To find out more about pricing and billing read here: Billing Explained

To find out more about Quickfile Affinity in general click the link below:

Most of your questions about affinity should find an answer there. But is it allowed to use their name, I don’t know. You have to wait for an answer from Glenn or so.

Hi RCH, I assume you meant, affiliate, not affinity?

This may be of interest to you:

The QuickFile Referral Scheme

We don’t pay referral fees, but rather offer staged discounts on your your subscription for referrals made.

I understand, thank you.


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