Affinity and power user - confused by pricing!

Hi there,

Ive just signed up for affinity as i do the bookeeping for 2 companies using quickfile and also have 2 of my own companies. My dashboard says i will be paying £8.91 a month. My quesiton is, do each of the companies have to pay the power user subscription on top of this?

One of my companies has just gone over the large limit, and ill take it off quickfile if so as it will have very few transations going through it next year as the business is being wound down.


Hi @efs82

If an account is connected to Affinity, there’s no requirement for the Power User Subscription on top of it. It can however be purchased if you wish as it does add some additional features.

We highlight the difference between the two in this article in our knowledge base:

I hope that helps, but please let me know if you have any further questions.

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