Affinity pricing and changing over


i already have two quickfile seperate accounts.
1x sole trader
1x ltd company

both have been fully upgraded however both have been charged different amounts for the upgrades?

i need to setup another few quickfile accounts for other companies.

I need another:
1x ltd company quickfile - not many receipts or invoices will go through this in the first accounting year.

1x ltd company vat registered. this will probably be fully upgraded and need to have different trading styles.

will i be better off on affinity?
can i change over at any point and if so, would charges be refunded or would i need to do that from the start?


Hi @adnw

You may have been charged different amounts for upgrading the accounts due to any other subscriptions on the account e.g. bank feeds. We pro-rata charge these, so for example, if your bank feed had only 6 months remaining on it, we would have charged only for 6 months of the Power User Subscription to keep the expiry dates in line.

If you’re managing multiple accounts, you may find it more cost effective to have an Affinity Account. To find out how much you will likely be charged, please check out our pricing calculator:

Yes you can change over at any point. The Power User Subscription and the Affinity Subscription are two separate products and therefore charges aren’t generally refunded. Therefore it may be better for you to do this at the start.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

so i would have to setup the affinity and then the new attached quickfile accounts/profiles rather than setup the individual quickfile accounts and then attach them later?

so if ive already been charged, is it pointless adding them to an affinity account?
would i get charged again?

ive already got two seperate individual quickfile accounts and i want another two. whats the best way to proceed with this situation?

Hi @adnw

Either way is acceptable. There is an added bonus with setting up the Affinity Account first which is that you don’t need to have a unique email address for all of the accounts.

The Power User Subscription is a different feature from the Affinity Account. Each of these have their own pro’s and con’s. For more information on the differences, please check out the following link: Power User Subscription vs Affinity

This really depends on whether you think that having an Affinity Account would make things easier for you to manage your multiple businesses or not.

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