Another Afinity conversion question

i started a topic here but it was closed

if i open a new afinity account, then add in an existing quickfile account that ive already paid to upgrade to a power user subscription, do i effectively get charged twice?
ive already paid for the power user, and now ill get charged again as an afinity customer.

if thats the case, would it be better to wait until the power user subscription is due for renewal and then transfer it over?

Hi @adnw

Yes, it may be best to wait for the power user subscription to expire before linking it to Affinity.

I’ve just replied to another thread too which may be of some help: Existing power user company if I bring in as client


im sorry, but most of the replies have the same answer and it is not clear. you obviously understand what you mean, i dont and probably some of the other people too.

you have put this reply or a similar reply in posts:

If you’re an Affinity account holder, any profiles attached to your QuickFile aren’t subject to the Power User Subscription. However, it does bring additional features and can be purchased optionally.

yes ive looked a the link where it compares the two.
Power User Subscription vs Affinity

im stil not clear…

if you are an afinity user, do you get to use effectively the same features a power user would do? please dont ask me to look at the link again…

you state:
However, it does bring additional features and can be purchased optionally.
What are these additional features that would need to be paid for ontop of the afinity price to get ‘upgraded’?

or if it makes it easier, what features CANT you use if you have an afinity subscription that you CAN use if you have a poweruser subscription?


No you don’t. If you refer to the Power User additional features section. From this list you will get the following included with any managed Affinity profile, the rest are exclusive to the Power User Subscription.

  • VAT Bridging Module
  • Detailed breakdown of profits available for distribution
  • Enhanced multi-invoice entry
  • Full audit trail and revision history on invoices, estimates and recurring templates
  • Segmented profit and loss report

It’s not 100% clear so we’ll add a feature comparison table here shortly.



do you get:

  1. the ability to add in the extra pages on estimates / invoices from your saved templates? i cant remember what the actual feature is called.

  2. the ability to have customers ‘click to agree to terms & conditions’ button when they accept your estimates?

i use both of the above with a power user subscription.

i would probably also be wanting the custom trading styles. if this is not included in afinity, how much would it cost to upgrade from afinity so you could use it?

Hi @adnw

Both features will require a Power User Subscription, so you will need to purchase this on each account to use them. Same applies to the custom trading styles.

The price remains the same for the Power User Subscription, which is currently £45 + VAT per year.

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