Affinity Pricing removed

An account of I’m linked to has had the logo removed and the affinity pricing?

Hi @1andy_mc

Please accept my apologies, I’m not sure I follow here?

When you say it has the Affinity pricing - is this what you were expecting?

Yes, it is affinity account.1102401624

Logo was removed at same time as the increased price changed

There was a change with how the logo works.

If the account as created before being linked to Affinity, then Affinity doesn’t own the account, so the logo remains as the QuickFile logo.

If on the other hand the account was created by the Affinity account, then Affinity owns the account, so it will adopt the Affinity logo.

Just to clarify - the price increase is only where you have 1 profile which is graded as L or XL, to bring it inline with the Power User Subscription.

Was this recently? As the billing only increased In January?

It was recently, but it was actually a bug fix.

You can see more about this here: Logo - Affinity has stopped showing?

Something is not quite right.

Your website states: "The white labelling features in Affinity allow you to apply your own corporate identity to all your managed accounts “My client is a managed account” I understand this has now changed due to the update

  1. Affinity pricing is based on the number of clients 1= 10p day

Website states " The billing for QuickFile Affinity is determined by the [number and size of the accounts] you are managing in your Affinity control panel. When pricing is checked for 1 account the calculation is 10p day (now charged 15p day)

I am now charged the Power User rate, even though I am an affinity account/bookkeeper. When did the rate change take place and why does is not clearly show on your website, that an affinity account must have more than one account linked…?

QF AC 1102401624

Mathew that was me posting why the logo stopped showing…?

Apologies for any confusion there. In the thread I linked to, both myself and @ian_roberts replied outlining how this works. If the Affinity account created the QuickFile account, then the logo will show. If it’s an account that was created and later linked to Affinity, then it will retain the QuickFile logo.

It’s charged when there is only one account linked and that account is L or XL. I will need to double-check when this was changed, but an email was sent to all affected accounts notifying them of this before it changed.

I will also ask for the website to be updated so this is clearer.

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