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Affinity vs. Power User

Are there any practical differences between Affinity and Power User?

Also - how do we transfer from Power User to Affinity? We currently hold the Power User licence and my concern is to not lose any features from Power User when transferring to Affinity but also how to actualy transfer (as we are just over half way through our year).


Hi @OvidiuS

This guide should hopefully help: Power User Subscription vs Affinity

Hi @QFMathew ,
Thanks for this - however I did read it and it’s not clear in what features I would lose by moving to affinity.

Also - how do I transfer and how is it going to work with my current subscription as Power User?


The Power User Subscription gives you the features listed in the article I linked to. Affinity doesn’t give you these, with the exception of segmented profit and loss which is included in Affinity.

There’s a more detailed list of features included with the Power User Subscription here. If you don’t have the subscription, you wouldn’t have these features (except, as I mentioned above, the segmented P&L report).

Affinity is a separate product to the power user subscription, so there’s no transfer needed. However, when an account is linked with Affinity, the power user subscription is optional. So once it expires, it’s optional if you renew it.

I hope that helps.

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