Allow VAT amount to be overridden on sales invoices

Have seen this on other software before. You enter the price as you want its total to be so for example £20 and then the VAT is calculated as if it is already in the £20 so in this example:

Actual Cost : £16.67
VAT : £ 3.33

Its almost a reverse of the process. Not essential just a handy option that you may wish to implement. Maybe a Included option on the tax of an item in invoice.

Just a suggestion :smile:, Thanks!


Thanks for the suggestion @Aidan, I know purchase invoices behave this way but sales invoices require the NET amount be entered and grossed up. I’ll leave this thread open for others to add their vote.

Would be useful if it wasn’t too much trouble to implement. I have on a few occasions had to do the old keep-adding-a-penny-or-so-to-the-nett game to get a total to round off nicely or to match a quote or something.

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As @Lurch said, but i have to do this quite often as i have purchases and some sales that have VAT and None VAT items, i have already billed these customers or been billed by these suppliers and the amounts have to match the invoices/receipts so i constantly have to change net figures to get this to balance right.

The problem being different systems, calcs, vat calcs etc i assume round slightly different depending on how many decimal places it accounts for ?

The way rounding applies can yield different amounts of VAT. We multiply the qty by the unit cost and apply VAT to that figure, other systems apply VAT to the unit cost then multiply by the qty. I remember now why we don’t net down from the gross, it’s fine if your qty is 1 but with multiple quantities the rounding when reversed back to the gross can result in a different amount.

Yes but surely for compatibility for customers who also use other systems along side quickfile, such as we use “1stoporders” to process and print all our eBay invoices, shouldn’t we have the option to select to have the rounding for either “order total” or “total tax” ?

I think the solution to this would be to allow the tax amount to be overridden rather than netting down from the gross. This would then bring it inline with the purchase invoice side. I can’t see how having the gross amount editable at the line level would possibly work when you have quantities involved.

But this would be only on the full VAT amount looking at the layout of the invoice entry screen, where as on the purchase entry screen, the layout is different and vat can be adjusted per line, but no qty available, both entry screens are different, adjusting purchases a penny here and and there per line works, but on the sales screen adjusting total vat would that still not through the end total out ?

We’d add an additional column and allow the VAT to be specified at the line item level (like the purchase side). Then this would total and project down to the footer totals area.

I’ve taken a look at a few other systems and they all work in this manner. That way you’re not at the mercy of rounding and can get every invoice to the penny.

Yes i think this solution would definitely resolve this issue 99.9% of the time for most users.

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It’s something we can do, I’ve already provisionally discussed this with a developer and I can’t see any major technical hurdles. We do have to be very careful changing these areas and 90% of the work is always running through the myriad of test scenarios. I’ve logged it for now so we’ll start looking at this shortly.

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Great, look forward to seeing it implemented :smiley:

I can now confirm that VAT amounts on sales invoices can now be overridden. You can find more information on this feature by clicking the link below: