Always order invoices by number

When viewing invoices, unless im missing something obvious, do not stay showing in any order. Now you can put them in an order, however simply going to another screen, new invoice, then viewing the invoice list list again jumbles them all up.

Am i missing something obvious here as its really winding me up, plus making it difficult to find anything. Im using the latest version of chrome.

Invoices are shown by the date & time they are created by default

Not on mine, they jumble themselves up constantly. So the dates and or inv number are never in order.

Sorry - I actually think it’s issue date they’re ordered by. Hopefully @Glenn will clarify.

Do yours show up reverse invoice order or anything (newest at top)?

Honestly the order makes no sense what its putting them in, even manually putting the invoices in, they still go out of order. Its not something i can make sense of myself so will deff need a dev to look into it form me.

Yes the order isn’t persisted between leaving and returning to the screen. This is by design. If you want to browse an invoice without losing your list just hold down CTRL while clicking the invoice link, that way it will open in a new tab.

When I initially load your invoice screen all your invoices are ordered by issue date.

Really need the system to be persistent with being able to keep it in invoice numbers in order. Otherwise you can never keep track to what your doing. Even if its in issue date, the system makes no sense either, as it will show invoices in odd orders.

Any chance of adding this? ive no idea how anyone can work with invoice numbers constantly being jumbled up.

Are you able to show a screenshot of just the issue date and invoice number please? Just gives us a better idea of what you’re seeing

Ok so heres how it goes, starts off in a weird order, doesent matter if its from the paypal feed or manually inputted. Put it in order using the invoice reference tab, click out the screen to make a new invoice for example then its all jumbled up again. That cannot be by design surely, no one can work with invoices with a system like that.

If you look, they are actually in issue date descending order.

@Glenn, Correct me if I’m wrong, but are they ordered by issue date (desc), and maybe by creation date/time?

Invoice numbers and issue dates aren’t necessarily going to correlate with one another. I may create invoice #00001 now with an issue date of today, then later I go and add a second invoice back dated to September, this will auto-increment the invoice number to #00002 despite having an issue date of September.

Personally I don’t really see why they should tie together, no system I am aware of does this? How is this making your bookkeeping so difficult? I guess if it were a wider problem we’d see more posts on this forum expressing the same, although I am not aware of any such reports.


@Parker1090 Yes on page load they are ordered by issue date DESC. Because there is no time element to the issue date they can within each date appear in any order.

I just want to permanently view invoices in order, thats all, the date order isn’t so important to me, i just want the invoice numbers in sequential order locked in.

OK what I am going to do is switch this to a “Feature Request” and modify the title, if we get a few more users looking for this type of functionality we can certainly revisit this.

Even though it seems like a simple additional the development time to persist these sorts of preferences will still take a couple of days so we’d rather wait until there’s a clearer demand from more users.

Just a thought, but what about adding a time stamp to the invoices, at least on the system, doesn’t need to show up on the invoice, that way everything would show up in order no? this might mitigate some programming your end?

Unfortunately this is not a solution. If we added a time component to the issue date we’d need to ask users to enter this when creating a new invoice, this would be tedious and unnecessary from an accounting perspective. Also even if it were a good idea from a usability point of view, it would require extensive re-coding and a major change to the database schema.

No problem back to my original request then. Hopefully some more people request this as well. Thanks Glenn.

Hi Glenn

I have the same problem… My screen shows all by date every time I go in to view all invoices and the invoice numbers are a bit jumbled and I have to click on the sort arrow to view last invoice number at the top then in descending order. Please can we have a default to be saved somehow because when looking for invoices I have to click on the sort by arrow first… even if it sorted by date but by last in the date range to the top… i.e. sort by time and date…

I’ve just started using the system properly but am a bit grumpy about this issue… I know its not the end of the world but …

No big deal for me as most of our customers don’t believe in invoice numbers anyway but when trying to train somebody on Quickfile the fact that there is no visible sort order makes them think that the product is “too complicated”.

Ordering by invoice number as a default is not sensible for most users. Invoice numbers aren’t necessarily chronological. I can create an invoice with an issue date for today then go and bank tag a bunch of items from a month ago, the bank tagged items, despite being older will have a higher invoice number.

If you’re suggesting an optional default then this is certainly something we could consider, we’d need to see a bit more support for this first though.

A lock for the sorting button would help immeasurably so the invoices always default to their proper order. Pretty please Glen :slight_smile:

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