Amending an invoice after a vat return

I have submitted a vat return however I have three invoices in that period which I would like to amend. The values are ok but I have noticed that they are in 4000-General sales instead of different sales codes. Can I amend this in any way?

Once an invoice has been incorporated into a VAT return it will become locked from further editing.

In this situation you can either create a new invoice, as an addendum to the first, or make a manual adjustment on your next VAT return.

How would I get the invoice assigned to a different nominal code by manual adjustment? I really just need the figures out of General sales and into a different one for three invoices?

If it’s just moving the nominal codes, you may be able to use the bulk move option, depending on where they’re being moved to/from:

However, this would move all items assigned to that nominal rather than an individual line. You may find it easier to journal the value from one nominal to another manually.

Great stuff that move to tool worked fine.

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