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Bulk change incorrect postings

It’s not an uncommon scenario, you’re bringing your accounts up to date and realise that you’ve been posting an expense to the wrong nominal code all year, you have 100s of invoices posted to “Office Equipment” when it should have been “IT Consumables”.

Before you had to either transfer the total as a single journal or manually change potentially 100s of invoices. the first option was always the more sane approach, although something of a compromise!

Introducing the recoding tool

From your chart of accounts page you can now drill down into the ledger and move up to 50 items at a time in bulk using our new re-coding feature. Just select the applicable entries and click the button at the top Move to new code.

Once you click the button a dialogue will appear asking where you want to move these transactions to.

Click save and within a few seconds the entries on the ledgers will have been updated, along with any corresponding invoices or payments.

Another use for this tool is to allow bank transactions posted to the wrong bank account to be relocated (assuming the currency is the same).

A few limitations

There are a few limitations to this tool but this should only affect a small number of scenarios.

  • Entries on purchase codes can only be relocated to other purchase codes, likewise for sales.
  • You cannot re-code entries made on control accounts (e.g. debtors, creditors, VAT etc), the core accounting system relies on these entries for various reporting requirements.
  • Bank entries can only be relocated to other bank accounts denominated in the same currency. E.g. you can’t bulk relocate entries in a EUR account to a USD account.


I have a few queries about nominal codes. I run a antiques business, one of my expenses is restoration of stock. I’m not sure which code from the drop down I should use.

As I am on the margin scheme, this is a operating cost like electricity rather than cost of sale.

I suppose I could just use ‘cleaning’


The precise code you use is less important than the general area on the P&L where it resides. “Cleaning” is usually used for cleaning costs associated with your business premises. I would say this is a general purchase (cost of sales), so I would create a new code on the Chart of Accounts as such.

I should add I’m not an accountant so it’s always worth qualifying this with an accountant first.

This is a great addition, reduces a monumental **** up to a mere inconvenience!

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Im looking to use this feature but the box is not appearing next to some nominal codes, is there a way to get it to appear that Im missing? I`m going through the chart of accounts.

Which code are you trying to adjust? Currently this bulk change tool is only applicable for purchase nominal codes, sales and bank codes. Control accounts (E.g. debtor, creditor, suspense, VAT etc) and some other codes may also be locked .

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