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Android & iOS Apps

Is there any plans to create apps for as Android and iPhone that will allow me to create an invoice and payment log Which will email direct to the customer or flag up to print and post later when your on a job using a smart phone or tablet as currently leave customers with a paper work ticket then manually do this each evening this maybe even a payment bolt on option

This is not something that we plan to do right now. The resources and costs required to build native apps for Android, iOS and Windows would be hugely prohibitive, it would be like building and maintaining parallel versions of QuickFile from zero for different devices.

QuickFile will work within the browser of most modern smartphones and tablets. We also have an iPhone app for receipt capture and CamScanner does the same job very well for Android devices.

We will support any developer looking to build a native QF app for Android, iOS etc. There is a full API that any mobile app can be built on top of.


Is there any plans to do a receipt capture app for Windows phones?


I’m afraid not, but CamScanner is supported on Windows Phone. This application works very well with QF and also has many other uses e.g. scanning documents, business cards etc.

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Just to let you know - we’re currently testing an Android app for QuickFile to help with receipt capture. If you are interested, please take a look at this thread here: The QuickFile Android App is here!