Attach an existing file to multiple purchases


I think I have found a small bug. When trying to “Attach an existing file that you have already uploaded to your Document Manager.” using the chain link in Purchase View

It only offers me files saved in the Invoices folder in Document Manager and this should be the Receipts folder for this page. It should default to Receipts in this case but would there be a case for allowing the option to select another folder as there may be a relevant file there and it would save duplication.
Not a widely used feature I am sure.

Providing the receipt hasn’t been attached to another purchase invoice (i.e. it’s not in the pink coloured Receipt folder) it should be able to pick them up from any folder in the document manager.

If you move an already attached receipt to Receipt Hub, you should then be able to link it elsewhere.


As I understood part of the idea for using existing files is not to duplicate unneccessarily and take up space. I didn’t realise that once a file has been linked to a purchase it cannot be linked to anything else. If I move the file to the receipt hub from the receipts folder it is no longer linked to the original receipt.
I had assumed that linking files was effectively a tagging process and that they would be a single database of files in the document manager. Also that any file may have multiple tags.
Sometime I want to link a file to a sale that is already linked to a purchase such as in the case of a direct recharge. Is this not possible.
I also wanted to have a file that is just a No Receipt note that will show in the purchase list so that at a glance I can see if any purchases do not have a receipt attached. If a purchase had no or lost receipt then it shows no file attached and when looking down the list has no flag and causes me to have to keep reopening the file to check.
Help me understand better how this works please.

As this limitation was removed for the sales side I cannot see why it can’t just be removed for the purchases side?

Sales attachments use some additional mapping table. I’m not 100% sure but this could be related? We’ll take a look as soon as we can and report back.


OK that is the case. The sales attachment side uses an additional mapping table allowing a single item in the document manager to be mapped to multiple sales invoices. This mapping table holds additional meta data such as document notes. Unfortunately the purchase attachment side doesn’t yet have this capability.

I agree that it would be useful to be able to do this. I will move to the feature category for now and we’ll look into how much work the updates will require.


@tc5440 just to let you know we’ve recently applied a number of updates to make it possible to attach a single file in the document manager to multiple purchase invoices. As I mentioned before, previously this was only possible with sales attachments.

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Glenn, thanks for letting me know, that’s great.

Please merge the below item with this topic

Checked this morning and with the receipt QF05741 that I reported where the problem appeared.

The documents that had already been attached where still showing as attached, so went to DM and found the two documents, opened them so that I had them available, then returned to the receipt QF05741 where all items have been deleted, then back to DM and re-search these items, no longer available as deleted from receipt (even though they had still been showing as in “Till Receipts”.

The two tabs that I had opened of these items where then re-uploaded to DM, via “Till Receipts” and then back to receipt where they have been attached and the folder has updated to the pink “Receipts”.

So that part is fixed, but this option to add an item to more than one receipt is unhelpful to swift filing, previously if appending to a particular suppliers receipt then they could be called up, example of one of the receipts dealt with above “boulangeriedejoseph_2019-02-11_BNKRCPT”, there are only 5 receipts in DM with supplier as per example, but if looking at my bank statements “BNKSTTMNT” which are also filed against a receipt(s) after reconciliation then their are 361 in DM with 50 in the “Bank Statements” folder awaiting reconciling, and the others gone pink.

The above example shows the format that I have adopted to help with filing (but this also avoids mis-filing). By having the items still available to add to other receipts then the likelihood of mis-filing is greatly increased.

We could add a filter as follows, I believe this would then solve your problem. This then allows users to attach single files to multiple purchases, but also allows you to have that control in place to filter out already attached files.


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That seems a perfect solution, excellent.

Wondering whether the “tick - Exclude items already attached to a purchase invoice” could be by default as ticked?

We can certainly look at that, but it is a little fiddly to implement and will require an additional global setting. We’ll revisit this shortly.