Attach Documents to Client or Supplier Cards

Can we get a show of hands for the implementation of a feature where we can upload documents to the supplier or client cards?

Sometimes I have letters or statements that I need to file, but the I fear putting it into the document manager because I think I’d struggle to find it again, or even remember that it’s there. Also, the current document store doesn’t allow for custom folders, so I couldn’t organise properly anyway.

If we could attach documents to supplier or client cards, the uploads would be easily visible and easy to find.


It’s something we did consider sometime back although it just never made it to the top of our list of priorities. If other users would find this useful please add your vote.


I agree this could be useful :slight_smile:

This would be BRILLIANT!

This is something I would definitely be interested in. I currently use a dropbox facility for storing all my private documents that I only want my clients to see, the problem some of them have is that not all IT departments will allow them to install dropbox


I would definitely make use of this feature, as i could use it to cross reference reminders and other correspondence for suppliers and clients alike, i don’t use the document manager, while a good feature as mentioned above i also wouldn’t be able to organize anything let alone find it, plus the “use existing file” feature is fine if you only have a few documents stored and can remember the doc names. The type ahead helps, but it would be far easier and quicker to be able to attach it to a supplier/client or even better a purchase/invoice.

I do hope that this feature request gets serious consideration.


I give this my 100% vote as it would be an excellent feature. I often need to attach documents to a specific client (emails/letters/photos) and having to switch from client (or supplier) page to the document manager to find items is time consuming and probably frustrating for the client who is waiting at the other end of the phone for me to find the correspondence. Excellent idea.

Good idea.

i would find it very useful

Just wondering if this feature suggestion had been given anymore consideration ? or if anyone else would like to vote in favour of it being implemented ?

It’s more than likely something we will look at in September. We have a few other areas we’re looking at right now.

I was looking at this just to day it would be great as a building company to attach copies of contracts and Thing like compliance certificates to a client record

Agree, gets my vote, with a couple of caveats (see below). We like to send out terms and conditions to new clients and whilst this could be achieved by attaching a document to say a new invoice, it would be really clever to be able to populate the clients area with some useful documentation such as help files etc. Overheads I guess would need to be a consideration in terms of quantity, frequency of uploading and size of documents but even some basic space to do this would be a superb enhancement to what I can only say is very comprehensive accounts system…

What developers always get concerned about is moving too far away from the core purpose of their product and ultimately turning something good that works, into a beast that requires mega maintenance. Having just started to migrate our accounts from one such pickle of a pudding (!), I can almost visualise alarm bells ringing in the bunker where the programme writers do their stuff…!!!


I think you hit the nail on the head here!

There’s a huge fuzzy area between accounting software and things like CRM, Document Management, Stock Control etc. Each of which are hugely complex areas in themselves (certainly to get any kind of workable and robust implementation). We’re very keen to avoid feature sprawl as it puts a big strain on our resources in terms of future maintenance.

Some things can be done without too much trouble, fortunately I believe this is one of those things, as it’s really nothing more than a slight adaptation of our existing document management system. I have to be honest it’s not something we are working on right now but we will keep you posted.

Any update if this will be looked at, possibly part of the subscription service to go live soon ?

Unfortunately it’s not something we’re currently working on. With a few other big infrastructure jobs to complete first, it’s likely that we will be reviewing this mid to late November.

Ok, i’ll keep an eye out for any updates to this then.

Is there any news on this feature ?

i am thinking of transferring my Photography accounts over but this is one feature that i could really do with.

It’s not something we are working on right now but it is an area we would like to start planning late Jan, early Feb. I will update you as soon as I have anything more on this.

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Is this an item that is being looked at in the current major rebuild ?

I’m afraid not.

The rebuild we’re working on is refactoring code (i.e. cleaning up the structure of the application), rather than implementing features. We are still committed to this, it is a popular request, although we’ve had some more pressing scalability issues we’ve had to address first.