Attaching Images to Tagged items

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Can you tell me how I can attach images to already TAGGED items - predominately purchase items, please?

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Hi @Chumps999

There are 2 ways this could be done.

  1. Go into the purchase/sales invoice preview, and use the “Attach Document” option at the bottom:

  2. Use the receipt hub, which will give you an option to attach the document to any purchase invoice that hasn’t already got a document attached. However, even this can be turned off with this option:

I hope that helps!

Hi Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. This item was Tagged via the bank (coded rather than matched to any actual invoice on the system). I am new to Quickfiles and am I correct in my understanding I would need to 1) add the invoice to the Purchases
2) unTag the bank item
3) attach the invoice
4)Tag the transaction

Thank you again

If you’ve tagged it straight to a nominal code (e.g. “Something else not on the list”), then you may certainly be better off tagging it to an invoice. Documents can only be attached to invoices (or estimates).

What you’ve suggested sounds about right, but there are a few ways to create the invoice itself - whichever way you do it comes down to the way you work and the way you find best for your situation.

But generally speaking:

  1. Create the invoice
  2. Untag the bank entry, and retag it as “Payment to supplier” (for a purchase invoice)
  3. Upload / Attach your file(s)

I’ve also included an article below which may help:

Perfect thank you. You have been very helpful

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