Auto disable reminders when Direct Debit is present


Would it be possible to introduce a feature that automatically disables reminders when, on reminder day, it has been detected that a payment is scheduled? Maybe an option as an additional tick box in the current reminder options screen…

We have a large number of clients on Direct Debit but want to start chasing everyone else on the due date of the payment which would obviously cause an issue for our DD customers.

At the moment, we’re leaving it a week past due date before we can chase unless we manually remove the reminders from each applicable invoice.



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Hi @zappdance

This has been brought up before. Basically, an invoice is only marked as paid when the funds have been confirmed with GoCardless. Until that point, the funds can be recalled. If we were to bring it forward, it could leave invoices marked as paid but actually weren’t.

@Glenn’s previous post here goes into a bit more detail:

Hope that helps

I’ve updated this thread to “Planned”. I agree that we should hold off sending reminders when there’s a DD in progress.

I expect we should have this resolved in one week.

@zappdance Just a quick one to let you know that we’ve updated the system to prevent any automated invoice reminders from being sent when there’s an active Direct Debit in progress.

Hope that helps!

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