Auto Tagging On Uploaded Statements

Hello, I uploaded my full years bank statement but can’t seem to get auto tag to work.

Is auto tagging only applicable for new bank feeds or uploaded statements after rules have been set?

I would like to make an auto tag run and apply it to the full year statement I have uploaded.

If this is not possible then I guess I would upload the first month statement, set the rules according to the transactions(most repeat each month) then upload the 11 months so the rules auto tag - is this what I need to do or is there another way to run the rule on whole uploaded statement.

Hope this is clear! Thanks


The tagging rules only apply to new transactions and can’t be run on existing entries. If you entered the transactions before creating the rules, it won’t work for these. There is however a feature request for this - here.

You can create the rules in advance if you prefer, and then these can run on the first upload too. Just go to Banking >> Bank Tagging Rules.

Thanks Mathew, as suspected.

I am having another issue with tagging in that it always asks for a reference/description - I just want to nominate the account and then complete the tag as the account name is reference enough…is there any way I can remove the requirement for Description/Reference?

I think we may have actually solved this issue this afternoon. There was a feature request raised relating to this, and this was released today: Bulk tagging without losing reference

Let me know if that helps?

The update @QFMathew refers to is on the bulk tagging routine. When you individually tag entries it doesn’t yet allow you to bypass the need to enter a description, that update is on it’s way and should be live early next week.

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