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Re-Run bank tagging rules


It would be useful to be able to re-run tagging rules. Ideally either all rules or a selected set could be re-run over a defined period.

Tagging inconsistencies

I do agree this would be useful, there are however a couple of important considerations.

Say if someone adds a very broad rule (perhaps by accident) and the user has 5 years worth of accounting records, not only could this potentially put huge load on our database servers, but it could also corrupt a large chunk of data that would not be easy to recover from.

Without any point-in-time recovery (very difficult in cloud accounting) this would probably end up causing more problems than it solves.


Re-Running should only run against untagged items - if a statement is imported with similar items after the first is tagged and a rule created you should be able to re-run the rules to get it to pick up new ones in this batch


Hi @Jonathan_Richardson

As @Glenn mentions above, even if you run it against untagged items, someone could upload a statement with 500 items and then re-run the tagging rule.

But as with other feature requests, we’re happy to monitor this thread, and if there is an interest from the community we’ll take a closer look.

Any updates posted to this thread should be emailed to you.


+1 on this.
Maybe you can run the autotag only on an account and limited by dates.
That would be great so we can setup new tags after we upload the statement.


Can I ask for this too please. Just on untagged items


+1, me too. With defaulted limitations, e.g. untagged, current year


I’d find this useful too please


I would also really appreciate this.

Could there be a way of manually selecting similar transactions in order for the system to ‘remember’ the search term / rule? That might get around the concern of automatically going back over lots of old data and potentially corrupting it.