Auto 'update as paid' banking integration. Does a feature exist?

Hello there!

I’m not completely sure I’m using the correct terms for my query, however, I’ll do my best to succinctly get across what I’m hoping for.

As a music tutor I send invoices out weekly to my student’s parents. Quickfile has saved me an insane amount of time manually sending invoices to each of them but I’m wondering if it can save me some more…

Essentially all of my clients pay using online bank transfer and I’m wondering whether there is a feature already in existence that allows me to integrate my banks (Lloyds) incoming transfers and update my quickfile client’s invoices as paid?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @Alex_Mobaraki

You can set up a bank feed to import your bank transactions Managing Open Banking Feeds and then you can use bank tagging rules to link those transactions to your invoices Automated bank tagging rules

This would only work going forward though, you wouldn’t be able to look back at previous transactions/invoices.

Hope this helps

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Thanks so much for this info @QFBeth, and the speedy response. I will look into this now.

Thanks again

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Not quite. You can use bank tagging to create invoices linked to the transactions coming in but not link the transactions to existing invoices.

@Lurch yes - sorry, having a blonde moment! once the transactions are showing in your bank account it is easy enough to tag them to the invoices though as it’ll search for invoices with the same value and you can tag in a few clicks

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