Automatically update notes when converting estimate to invoice

I see this mentioned a lot but there is no feature request for it yet. The answer is always “it’s supposed to do that” which I get, but I think there is a case for it to not do that. I would be willing to bet the case for it being the way it is is the exception rather than the rule. Most people will want the default invoice terms on the invoice, not the default estimate terms. This has lead to delays in payments for me more than once as customers do not get the relevant payment info sent with an invoice.

I am sending an invoice, the default option should be to send the default invoice terms. At least make it a configurable option so I don’t keep sending out invoices with no payment information on them.

I have added my vote to to this feature request but found that I had reached my limit allowed to add a vote and had to remove a vote from another feature request to have a vote available! Only 6 votes placed on current feature requests plus 1 used on an implemented fetaure. The limit of available votes seems rather miserly.

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Nearly 3 years later and anything happening on this yet? Still catches everyone out now and then and the same issues still persist.

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