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How do I get the bank feed to work with the NatWest credit card, works fine with the bank account

Hi @pelican,

The credit card should be available through Open Banking. Managing Open Banking Feeds

all ready have a natwest feed in place dont allow to add a credit card , this has cause many issues due to your unnecessary changes the other system worked the new system dose not

Hi @pelican,

The changes to the bank feeds are not down to QuickFile, these are changes that the banks have initiated themselves as part of the PSD2 regulations.

If you already have an open banking link for Natwest then you will need to revoke this and re-instate to also select the credit card account from the list of available accounts. If the credit card is not available then this is something you would need to speak to Natwest about.

you cant have your credit card connected with any of your bank accounts it wont allow it

Hi @pelican

If the card isn’t showing as available to connect, it’s down to one of two reasons:

  • The authorisation wasn’t granted when you linked the account and QuickFile, or
  • The bank doesn’t support it

More often than not, you can view what’s been authorised from the bank’s website itself. If it shows there, or it doesn’t allow you to link it, NatWest would need to take a look for you.

it turns out it was linking the bank account to the credit card account its all gone backwards that is incompetent Britten for you

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