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BACS / Cheque Payments Report for suppliers



I have previously used other accounting products like Sage, and they have an option to export supplier payments to a file suitable for uploading to the bank. Likewise the payroll software I use has the same feature.

While I know different banks use different formats this would be a huge time saver for people who pay suppliers in weekly or monthly payment runs, and also reduces the chances of mistyping a suppliers bank details when sending to the bank.

If this is not possible, or an easier way to get supplier bank details would be appreciated. Going into each supplier, clicking edit and scrolling to the bottom makes BACS payments quite time consuming!

Thanks for your help.

Company Month End Cheque Run
Batch payments Natwest
Company Month End BACS or Cheque run Report

I’m not sure on the precise requirements for bulk payment CSVs. I did in the past use “Barclays Business Master” (if I recall correctly) for bulk payment runs. I think the formatting requirements for the different banks would be so different we could only ever provide a generic CSV export and allow individuals to modify as required.

Did you have anything in mind? I mean we could include this on the backup CSVs if that would simplify things?


Hi Glen,

Our payroll software does list about 35 different payment file exports. I expect banks will publish their specification, or at least will provider them to developers. I too use Barclays Business Master, which has now been discontinued and replaced with Barclays.Net. This accepts 3 or 4 different input types.

I appreciate this could take some time to develop for every bank, but maybe based on customer demand some systems could be prioritised.

Regarding the second option, the ability to tick a number of outstanding invoices and the go to a ‘payment view’ which totals the selected invoices for each supplier, and then lists the supplier’s bank account name, sort code, account number and total would give easy access to copy and paste the payment details into any banking software.


I don’t use BACS but I would find it very useful to have a PDF or CSV report of payments to make on my banking system.

I currently go through the ‘money you owe’ link from my dashboard and tick the boxes for invoices for a particular supplier so that I can get a total to pay. If I could go through all of these and tick the ones I wanted to pay, then press a button for ‘Export payment list’ that would then group or sort by supplier, with sis total, that would be really helpful.

Of course one issue with this is that it doesn’t include any credit notes on a suppliers account, so you would have to be aware that there might be a credit to deduct before you pay (or perhaps you could include credit notes on this screen as this is the true figure of what you owe).



If you select the suppliers you want to pay then click ‘More Options’ you can then get a CSV export of these. The only thing missing is, as you say, any part payments already made or credit notes applicable.


Thanks Lurch :smile:


Would like to kindly request a Company Month end BACS or cheque run Report, including Tags as per Thread link below.


Purchases>>Outstanding Purchases, and ticked SHOWTAGS,
then exported into Excel
Sorted by Supplier Name
Then Outline Subtotal on change in Supplier Name, sum, Add subtotal to, Total Amount.

This will then tell us what we owe our suppliers and any invoices that we don’t want to pay yet. We would then normally use this report to create a BACS payment schedule within our Online Banking.



@ChrisatIIOnline - I’ve merged your post into this thread which I’ve found, and updated to the title to reflect cheques too.

We can certainly investigate this further if there’s enough interest in this, so we’ll keep an eye on this thread and let you know if anything changes.


@ChrisatIIOnline @jeaston @MoKaPottery

I’m pleased to say we’ve added a new report to allow you to export supplier payments and bank details in just a few clicks. You an find the blog post below:

New Statement of Cash Flows, Batch Supplier Payment Reports and more

Give it a go, and please feel free to post any feedback on the blog post page.


Hi just wanted to say thanks for quick implementation, this feature helps us a lot, and I hope others.

Could you possibly add the TAGS as well to the EXPORT BATCH PAYMENT LIST, Detailed breakdown by Supplier.

We TAG our purchase invoices with TAG such as, DO NOT PAY, WAITING CREDIT NOTE, ITEM FAULTY, IN DISPUTE, etc. this is important as it stops us just paying the outstanding balances if we have any purchasing issues.

Minor request also list supplier in Ascending alphabetical order?



Hi Just starting to use this new

but unfortunately it does not do quite what we need.

Can you Sort in Supplier Alphabetical order, then purchased Date and show TAGS
example attached.



Hi @ChrisatIIOnline

Thank you for your suggestion. We can certainly consider these when we next review this section.


Any news on this request?


Hi Chris,

No updates here I’m afraid, but we’ll be sure to let you know if/when this changes.