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I need to export selected items from the bank accounts onto a spreadsheet. The method to do this seems to be provided by going to the relevant account, clicking the check box for the transactions required on the left hand side, and then click the link at the top to do the export.

So far, so good.

The only problem is that only the first 16 transactions selected find their way onto the spreadsheet.

Is this a known issue?

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When I test this feature I am seeing all the selected transactions (50 in my case) in the export. It may be specific to your account, I’d need to check. I will PM you for more details.

Do you know how to export all transactions in 1 CSV file? We have over 600 at a time when we run filter searches, which means that each end of month we are creating 12CSV files per report (20 in total) and them merging them all, which gets messy and complicated! I’d assume it’s really easy to add a “select all” functionality when downloading rather than only being able to select what’s visible on one page.

An alternative would be a simple option to show more than 50 transactions per page - this is pretty common on banking and shopping sites… you can chose how many images / transactions to load on one page - there’s usually an option to show “12, 48, 200 or ALL”

The reason you can’t select more than 50 transactions in one go is due to the work load on the server. However, there is an easy way to retrieve all of them by setting up a back up.

May be worth having a lot at this post. You can set up a weekly or monthly back up quite easily:

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