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Bank Automated Feed Disappeared

We’ve been using the automated bank feed (HSBC) for ages, and it suddenly seems to have disappeared. No option to refresh it as we normally do and I can’t see the bank details in the accounts settings. Please can someone advise. Thanks!

Hi @SarahJH

Were you using the Yodlee feed (where you had to manually refresh it)?

Hi! Yes - I wasn’t aware that it was called Yodlee but we did have to manually refresh.

Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

Yodlee feeds were discontinued as of 14th March following a legislation change. However, we do offer a direct feed with HSBC for current accounts.

There’s more details on this here: Update on Yodlee Bank Feeds

Reserve and credit card accounts aren’t currently supported, but this is unfortunately down to HSBC. They have said they will support, but haven’t set a date.

A bonus with the direct feed through Open Banking is that you won’t have to manually refresh it, or share any login details.

Thanks for your quick reply. We’ll have a think about the direct feed. Thanks for your help.

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No problem!

It won’t cost any extra - the same subscription will cover you. But any queries or problems, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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This happened to me with Lloyd’s Bank. The problem was that the authorisation I had given to the bank was only valid for 3 months, and it had run out. I simply had to log on to the bank and authorise it again.

When it comes on again beware of duplicate transactions. I had half a dozen or so.

Thanks @rbilling It was because we were using Yodlee bank feeds. We’re now using a direct feed (HSBC) as suggested by Quickfile’s Support Team and it’s working perfectly. Thanks for your time though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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