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Bank feed Barclays help


Even though I Pay for automatic bank downloads
Every time I refresh my bank feed I have to put all my bank details - sort code etc in .
I bank with Barclays
Is there a easier way around having to log in every time to my bank ?


Hi @fayedonovan

Was the feed set up using a memorable word, or a pinsentry device?

A pinsentry setup will mean you need to enter details at each refresh, because of the nature of it (different code each time).

However, we are currently testing a new type of feed - Open Banking. I’ll send you a private message and see if we can get you up and running on this one, as this doesn’t require any of these details to run.


Hello there

My automatic Barclays bank feed is not working and has not updated any date since 18th January 2019. I have tried to do it manually but the following message prompts
Update 18th December 2018: Due to recent changes with the Barclays login process, this feed is temporarily suspended.

When will this be fixed? I have customers getting a bit impatience not being able to see their payments reflected


My Barclays feed is also not working


@carenas - Where are you seeing this update (from 18th December)? What type of feed are you using?

@AndyT - What type of feed are you using?


Just the normal automatic feed that’s always been used.


Is this the QuickFile feed, or a Yodlee feed? A good check would be if you have an option to manually refresh it (More Options >> Refresh Bank Feed from the bank statement view).

If it’s the QuickFile feed, this has been depreciated, which would be why it’s no longer working.


Ok it’s the Quickfile feed then and I’ll need to change to another.


We have added an Open Banking feed for Barclays. If you were using the QuickFile Barclays feed previously, this would have automatically been enabled on your account.

We have a guide on switching over here: Updating your Barclays Feed to Open Banking


I am using the Quickfile bank feeds to import the Barclays feed manually


@carenas - I’ll send you a private message shortly to get some more details from you.


I’ll give it a go, thanks.


Ok all done, thanks for your help. It connected and says ‘Ok’ - no transactions have been pulled through upon refreshing so I’ll wait a bit and see if it works later.


I have the same problem with a Barclays feed that I have always had. As soon as I key in the number from Open Banking an error message crops up to say I don’t have any relevant account. I have tried many times over the the last month or so and have had various messages from Quickfile, all to no avail. Is it possible to restore the original feed in some way? Yodlee just isn’t working.


Hi @Recordings

If you’re seeing an error with the Open Banking one, asking you to contact Barclays, it’s because of an issue with your account. Barclays advise is to contact your branch.

We’ve had a few users with this issue, and going to the branch has resolved it. The issue itself can be something as something as an outdated signature or missing ID, from where policies have changed but accounts not updated. As soon as this is resolved, Barclays works fine through Open Banking.

Unfortunately this feed has now been discontinued. But this is a fixable issue with the Open Banking error.


I have just come off the 'phone with Barclays. They informed me the open banking will only work with the Barclays App. I tried to download it, but was informed it is not compatable with my iPad, which is an older one with IOS 10.3.3.



That’s not correct. We have quite a few users using Open Banking with us, and they’re with Barclays.

Was it the customer service team you spoke with? What we’ve found with other users is that they have been misinformed by the telephone support team. We met with Barclays Open Banking team a short while ago (the same team who worked on Open Banking for Barclays), and their advice is to visit your local branch. So far, every user who has come across this issue and have visited their local branch, has had this resolved.


It was the telephone support team, although I thik hey were called customer services. I won’t be able o go into a local Barclays for a few weeks. Should I take in my Pin Sentry, etc. To log in while I’m there?


I don’t think it’s needed, but there’s no harm in taking it with you just in case