Bank feed from Barclays account


Like several other users my Barclays bank transactions aren’t feeding into my quickfile records.

This stopped working in mid Jan 19.

Please can you advise what you require me to do in order to get the transactional data once again via the new bank feeds.
I am worried about deleting my existing account details and losing historical data.

Thank you


Hi @CB15

If your account was using the QuickFile Barclays feed, this feed has been depreciated.

We have a guide on upgrading the feed which can help with the change over:
Updating your Barclays Feed to Open Banking

Hi Mathew,

To clarify - to get the bank feed working do we now have to pay for a bank feed subscription because that seems to be where we are allocated when I click on the Activate Bank feed button?

Thank you

That’s correct. The Open Banking and Yodlee bank feeds both require a subscription.

Fair enough - so now there is no longer any free bank feeds into Quick File?

How much does it cost to get the feed and what do you recommend that I opt for?


I’m afraid not. We tried to keep our own Barclays feed available for as long as possible for existing subscribers, although with the implementation of Open Banking (PSD2) we are required to move things over to their direct feed. It should overall be a better solution as you’ll now be able to do manual refreshes and you no longer need to entrust your bank login credentials with any third party.

The general bank feed subscription £15 + vat per year will cover as many bank feeds as you need on your account. I would opt to setup the Open Banking Barclays feed as it’s direct.

If you get stuck or would like us to check anything please send over your QuickFile account number and we’ll take a look for you.


ok I will look to set this up over the weekend - I accept we have had a good run to have had free feeds for this long.
We are quite a simple little company but the software is useful to us.

I will follow up if I have any problems when selecting the new feed process.


Thanks, if you encounter any issues please don’t hesitate to post back here. I will leave this thread open for a couple of weeks to provide any support if needed.

Barclays new feed is bringing in banking entries more than once, is there a fix for this, or is it something we haven’t done in the set up?

Is this happening to other users?

Hi @Jillallen56

Are the transactions the same (date, description and value matches), or are they slightly different in some way?

All exactly the same information, it is as if it doesn’t recognise that it has already imported them

I’ll send you a private message shortly.

I just purchased bank feed for Barclays bank using Open Bank Feed. However it seems that only Sterling accounts are supported & foreign currency accounts are not supported / available. So it seems that I have taken a step back as pre-17th January both feeds - GBP & foreign currency (USD in my case) worked perfectly.

As an exporter of goods & services & dealing in USD, I desperately need foreign currency account feed activated to stay on top. Please can support team suggest if there is a way to achieve it. Thanks.

Hi @galarahul

When you try to connect the second bank account (More Options >> Activate Bank Feed, you will see an option in smaller text to activate a Yodlee feed. This should work for the USD account.

Hi Mathew,
It worked perfect. Thanks very much. So am I on Yodlee for US dollar account & Open Bank Feed for Sterling ? Is it two charges or one for all.


The bank feed subscription covers all the feeds :slight_smile:

Fantastic, that’s perfect. Many thanks for your quick answer.

hi Glen,

I’ve set up the approval feed with Barclays but QuickFile doesn’t seem to recognise the link as yet and no transactions have been pulled through for the relevant account

Will this be refreshed over night or have I overlooked something?
Also is it one subscription fee per bank account feed?

Thank you

Hi @CB15

The subscription is per account.

Once you’ve linked Open Banking, did you manage to link the bank account too, or just approve QuickFile?

I have approved the quick file access with Barclays but don’t seem able to link the account.
I must be doing something wrong but the bank is listed on my bank account feeds but the transactions aren’t pulling through as yet.