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Bank Feed Monitoring Switching Off

Evening all,

I have found a related post but it seemed to fizzle out rather than be resolved.

The bank feed monitoring switches itself off, I have reactivated it several times, then a few days later it is off again.

I have had this problem also, and it does keep happening from time to time.
I monitor upwards of 30 accounts and I check almost every time I log in.
Must admit not so much these days, and it does take time checking.
The original response I had was referring to re-activating or updating the bank feed,but I make sure the indicator is on each time.

I saw in your fed that QFBeth queried if it was when you renewed your bank feed. The issue happens much more regularly than the routine reconnecting of the bank feed.

Hi @dombrown / @liverandbacon

I just needed to confirm some details with our development team, which I have now done.

I’ve logged this for further review as it shouldn’t be disabled in this manner. As soon they’ve reviewed this, we’ll let you know the outcome.

Hi @liverandbacon / @liverandbacon

The dev team have had a look and have made some changes that should now stop the monitoring from being switched off

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