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Bank feed no longer automatically updating


my feed from my Barclays account is no longer automatically updating. Ive tried completing a manual push of this but i just get an error to say this function is not available at the moment. The last time this was updated was on the 18th Jan. Can you please let me know what i can do to resolve this issue


Hi @Divatto_Ltd

What type of feed are you using?


hi we use the old/normal/automated barclays feed, not one tied into the browser, one run on the servers, our account is:


If you can take a look for us that would be really appreciated, this seems to stop running periodically.



Hi @visumgroup

This feed was depreciated around 18th January, so this will longer run. It has however been replaced by the newer Open Banking feed.

There’s more information on this here:
Transition to Open Banking (Barclays)


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