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Bank Feeds Not Downloading

Banking shows “Active Feed” Under Current Account but has not download transactions from bank since 15 December 2021.

Under details it says: Last polled on 07/01/2022.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue.

Hi @Spectra

I’ve managed to locate your account and taken a look into this for you. There are no errors showing so I have managed to manually run the feed for you. This has imported 9 entries into your bank account.

I hope this helps, but if you encounter any further issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thank you so much. I can now see the updated data.


I have the same problem, my HSBC feeds say “Paused” and I have no data since early December. How do you RESUME or UNPAUSE these feeds?
Chat soon.

Go to your bank account and click bank feed details. There should be an option to unpause it.
If it is not working, then it may best to delete/revoke the feed and setup a new one.

Hi rhc,

“Bank Feed Settings” pops up a windows with “connect a personal or kinetic account” - neither looks appealing to me as I’ve had this HSBC feed working for years. I can see no option to “Unpause” the feeds :frowning:

The “more info” option gives me the following error message;

“We were unable to connect to your bank to retrieve this data. Your bank may not support this method or your consent may have expired. Click here to view your Open Banking consents.”

The consent page mentioned says my HSBC expires in 62 days…

Chat soon.

A lot of people reported the same issue and all of them had a unpause option in the bank feed details section from their bank account >> more option >> bank feed details.
However, if that isn’t the case then you could revoke the feed and setup a new one. Hopefully that will solve the problem.
If you can establish a new feed, you will have the option to look backwards for transactions on your bank account. But I think only 21 days. Around 4 days would be missed. Depending on the amount of transaction on those 4 days, you could enter them manually or upload a csv file which you can upload from your bank.
Hope this helps

Hi, I’m trying to get started and have set up a link with my lloyds bank account which I think is working but when I try to upload past statements nothing happens and I get a message about QIF files needed. I don’t see how to set this up or indeed if I really need to. I can manually put in past data for the previous month and hope that things will then run OK but am I going about things the wrong way?

The file ( bank statement) you try to upload, you have to download it from your bank first. Log into your bank account and open your statement screen, there should be an option somewhere to download it. If you have download it to your laptop/pc, go to quickfile and upload your statement to your bank account within quickfile.

But you said you have setup a feed. On the bank account screen within quickfile is a More Option button at the top. When you click it and the feed is setup correctly you can see an option “Refresh bank feed”. If you click it you can set a date for how far back the feed should be updated. You can go back as far as 21 days, I think, maybe 28. For the missing dates you have to upload a statement or enter the transactions manually.

Hope this helps

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