Bank payment tagging

Can someone help direct me to the QuickFile knowledge base that set out the steps to tag a bank payment to a supplier for whom you have already created a purchase invoice for after creating one via the receipt hub. I can only find help instructions for creating a new purchase transaction from the bank statement! I want to send this link instructions to a client.

Hi @Aspyre_Accountancy,

Is this the KB article you are on about? Tagging your bank transactions

Hi Beth
This article is about creating a purchase record from a bank transaction. I wanted one that shows how you tag a bank payment where there is already a purchase record, obviously an unpaid purchase invoice. Where it would be tag me, select payment from a supplier, then QuickFile looks for the payment depending on the period criteria selected, and once found you can then click to pay.

If you have a purchase invoice for that amount then it will offer it for tagging in just the same way as it does for sales invoices. The knowledgebase doesn’t make this clear.

If you do what I did and leap straight in without reading the instructions it all becomes pretty well self evident.

Hi Andreproberts
May you can use this article
Recording your purchases.

It is not exactly what you are looking for, more the other way around (you tag the payment from the invoice page) but may it is helpful for you and your client.

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