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Bank Tagging Rule amount field

Hi Glen & Co,

I was wondering if a further attribute to the bank tagging rules could be created? Effectively all I am requiring is a fixed transaction amount. Maybe a box could be ticked first to ask whether the payments are fixed in cost or variable?

I have a situation where I pay a single supplier for about 4 different categories which I need to account for separately, and they all have different costs.

The payment in each category is always the same, but I can’t tag the payments separately because the transaction is always labelled the same. I can’t ask them to relable each category.



Hi @notanaccountant

It’s not possible at the moment, but I don’t believe this has come up before as a request.

We’re happy to leave this thread open for others to add their votes and comments.

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I would also find this very useful. At the moment, when we purchase different services from one supplier, a bank tagging rule is of limited use - each time I have to remember to check it and if necessary change its description and/or category. It’s sometimes easier/safer to give up using a rule and tag each transaction individually.

My thoughts exactly, thanks Antrs

Not sure if this a completely seperate request.

I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to tag based on matching text and then matching amount and allocate to a project tag.

I have multiple suppliers that have multiple different payments with different payment amounts. I need to allocate these amounts to each property.

i.e TMW mortgage provider is a lender on multiple properties. I need to ensure that the bank transaction is allocated to the correct property (project tag) so that I can then distinguish between payments in a P and L report later.

Can this be made available please?

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Also. Is it possible to create a bank tagging rule based on the bank transactions description? (not just the name)

Also related to this.

Why do you not have the option to specifiy project tags in the bank tagging rules, so that you can relate a bank transaction to a project? This way you can see activity per project in reports.

Hi @bfproperty

Regarding your first request (matching value as well as description) - would you mind posting this as a new request please?

There are 2 fields with the transaction:

  • Description
  • Notes

The “Description” field is what we check against at the moment.

A project tag is supported for the invoice rather than the transaction. But we do already have a feature request for this which you may want to add your vote to: Project Tag for Bank Tagging Rules

Done. I hope these get developed soon. These would be useful features that would save a book keeper a seperate reporting task


This is exactly what I was requesting, even so far as TMW. :slight_smile:, yes it would be very helpful. ATM all these transactions currently are put into the same “cost”.

I have to report to the UK and Norwegians. The Norwegians do the accounts on a per property basis, so I need to allocate all costs against properties otherwise they are not counted. Therefore, I would have to create a seperate set of accounts outside of quickfile to do this. Xero allows for this. I think it will be a large upgrade for quickfile.

Regardless, as a property professional you need to be able to do P/L per property to assess which ones are making profit and which are not. Surely other businesses would be similar?

@notanaccountant - get your vote in at the top left

I think your asking for a lot considering property accounting packages are more complex. You’d have been better off using one of those instead.

Really? To add project tags is a lot? QF could see this as a competitive advantage, rather than an effort. Regardless, all I was after was the ability to tag bank transactions based on the transaction amount partnered with the bank description so that multiple payments could go be grouped into separate projects. My work around without an official “project tag” at that level was to just create a supplier based on each property, which is currently impossible with multiple differing payments to the same entity (Lender).

Hi, I’m glad someone has raised this after all these years!

As I described just now below, a work around could be to create separate suppliers based on each property. The problem with that is of course that each supplier may not be able to “provide” the separate classes of cost.

Currently for the HMRC divisions in a SA, I have made suppliers like “Financial Costs”, “Repairs and Maintenance” etc etc, and this works quite well.

If we could have project tags on top that give a separate grouping that would be useful.

I currently run 4 separate QF accounts, 3 for property, 2 of them for SA.


@Paul_Courtier - my property accounts are very simple. I would have thought this is useful and transferable to any accounts.
I am an IT consultant. I would have thoguht that this would not be too hard to implement. However, I cannot see the source code

What I mean to say is, qf is set up to record one type of business per account and as such it will treat each property as if they were separate businesses.
Im guessing, because I don’t work for qf that if they implemented the ability to split costs and income over different properties then this could be abused to spit costs and income over different businesses using one account.

Like I say I dont work for qf so I could be wrong.

I see your point, but my understanding is this is limited to a “project basis”, therefore there would still only be one TB & P&L etc for the entire account. The projects may just work in parallel to this. BF?

Hi Adam

We will be introducing an additional amount field for bank tagging rules, hopefully this evening. You will then be able to define multiple rules for the same matching text, but targetted to different amounts.

We’ll provide further updates shortly.

HEY!!! Amazing, thank you very much Glen.

That’s now my second request to be committed to QF :slight_smile:

Not a problem, hopefully it will prove to be useful.

The feature is now live so you can edit any of your existing rules to set a target amount.

These will also be visible on the main list:

You can then create additional rules with the same matching text but differing amounts and tagging configurations.

There’s no way to append project tags as yet, but this is something we’ll consider in the future.

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