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Morning all,
I am pretty dummy with technology overall so my apologises in advance. I have been adding my receipts throw my phone app and without realising, it was allocating the expense from a “Proprietor Drawings Account”. Recently i started using the computer for my accounts so i correctly allocated the expenses coming out from my Lloyds account. So now i have 2 accounts but actually just the Lloyds is the one i use/have. How can i transfer all the operations done it on this “proprietor drawings account” to my Lloyds one?
Thanks for your attention.

Hi @Felippe_Chagas,

Are all of the transactions left in the drawings account tagged or untagged? if they are untagged you should be able to download a copy of them to upload into the correct account and then just delete them from the proprietors drawings

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Hi Beth,
They are tagged. They still seem able to be deleted, but that would be the last thing i wanted to do.
Any other suggestion?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @Felippe_Chagas

Are you looking to just move the transactions from the drawings account to the Lloyds account?

If so, you can do this with the bulk re-code tool: Bulk change incorrect postings

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Hi Mathew,
Yes, i thought would be this simple but the option “move to new code” doesnt apper to me.
I do not know what else i could do.
Thanks for your replying.

Can I just check that you’re looking on the Chart of Accounts rather than the bank statement view? The move option only appears on the chart of accounts.

This is found under the Reports menu, and then find the bank account you want to move the transactions from.

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I was not looking on the Chart Accounts, so thanks for that. I can see now the “move to new code” button but not yet to change from where the money went from.
Would you have a whatsapp number i could get in touch quickly just to clarify this doubt?
Thanks a lot once again.

If you look at the chart of accounts you should be able to see what nominal your bank account comes under, you can then look at the nominal for the proprietors drawings.

We don’t offer telephone support I’m afraid but you are welcome to post screenshots here if it helps? (if posting on the public forum please be careful to remove any sensitive information)

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Thanks Beth,
So, as i was saying, the only option i see is to change the category.
I was checking here, the code from my Lloyds bank is 1200, and the Drawing accounts is 1202. And this is not able to change, apparently.

Hi @Felippe_Chagas you need to be looking at the bank nominals not the fuel and oil.

The bank nomials should be under the heading Assets and Liabilities (0001 - 2999)

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Yyyeaaahhhh…lol. Made it.
Thank you so much for you help @QFBeth and @QFMathew .
Truly appreciate it.
Have a great day.

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