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Barclays Open Banking Multiple Accounts



I have a Barclays account on my QuickFile banking area which I am using the Open Banking feed which works and has been for a while now.

I have just opened a new Barclays account and added onto QuickFile - when I try to Activate Bank Feed on this new account it says “There are currently no Open Banking feeds that are available to map to this bank account.” If this is the case then surely my other bank feed shouldn’t be working? Or am I using the Yodlee feed?

This also led me to another query; Do I need to purchase another bank feed for this other account as they are with the same bank/login.

All help much appreciated, thanks!

Barclays Business Account & Open Banking

Is the new account a current account or is it a different type of account like credit card or savings?


Thanks for the reply, the existing account was a standard personal current account. The new one I’ve added is a business current account, which I (possibly wrongly) assume works in just the same way?

And just to clarify I’m looking to have both accounts on my QuickFile with active feeds, this new one won’t be replacing the existing.

Thank you


Firstly you don’t need to purchase a new bank feed subscription for the other bank account. A single subscription will cover multiple feeds in the same QuickFile account.

Regarding the new Barclays account, may I ask if you have a single Barclays login that allows you to access your original and new account?

When you initially setup your Open Banking feed you would have logged into Barclays and ticked the bank accounts you want to share with us. If you have a single login for both accounts then all you need to do is revoke the existing bank feed and then go to add the feed again. When prompted check the boxes for the new account you want to grant read-only transaction access to. Once the authorisation is completed you can then map those accounts to the respective QuickFile accounts.

I hope that makes sense, let me know if not.

BTW: You need to revoke access in the Open Banking overview page, it would have a link like this. As we’re still in beta we don’t have a convenient menu link to this page yet.



Thank you for the response - yes it is all under one login at Barclays so I’ll give that a go and let you know how I get on.

Thanks a lot!


I have followed your steps and unfortunately when I go to tick the accounts I want to share, the new account doesn’t appear in the list on Barclays even though the account is set to share.

Perhaps the account is still being ‘setup’ in some way or another. I’ll give it a few days and try again. If not I presume it’s an issue at Barclays end so I’ll see if they can shed some light.

Thank you anyway, greatly appreciated.


If it’s a current account it should be supported, if it’s not appearing after a few days Barclays should be able to shed some light on this for you.


Just as an update; I have been in contact with Barclays and initially they said that it was probably a fault at the QuickFile end. I let them know that I’ve been in discussions with this side and it seems okay.

I’ve continued to give Barclays more information and it has now been escalated and being investigated. No time frame given but if I get any more updates I’ll let you know!

UPDATE: Barclays have finally got back to me to let me know that the Open Banking is only for Personal Current Accounts at the moment as a sort of trial… and there is currently no time frame for when Business Accounts will be able to use Open Banking. So basically it’s not possible at the moment - not useful at all!

Barclays Business Account & Open Banking

My previous thread has been closed however as an update to this: https://community.quickfile.co.uk/t/barclays-open-banking-multiple-accounts/26216/8?u=oliver_palmer

UPDATE: Barclays have finally got back to me to let me know that the Open Banking is only for Personal Current Accounts at the moment as a sort of trial … and there is currently no time frame for when Business Accounts will be able to use Open Banking. So basically it’s not possible at the moment - not useful at all!


Hi @Oliver_Palmer

I’m afraid what Barclays have told you is incorrect.

Although the part about current accounts is correct, the trial and personal accounts part isn’t. It is available for business account holders, although only current accounts are supported at this time.


Right, okay - Back to square one then! :persevere:


@Oliver_Palmer - I’m going to take a quick look at your account and make sure everything is set up as expected.

I’ll send you a private message shortly.


It’s worth adding I have a business current account with Barclays using open banking happily.

However, it didn’t work at first, and Barclays were quick to blame Quickfile. When I asked Barclays to escalate this, it finally transpired that open banking was disabled on my account because the “mandate” wasn’t filled in - basically they didn’t have a copy of my signature on file for the account.

The only way I got Barclays to escalate this was by getting my business account manager involved at Barclays as the IT desk will give them more info that they won’t pass on to the customer.

Ask them to send you the account mandate to capture your signature and details and send it back to them. Within a few days the feed should be able to be set up.

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Ah okay thanks for that - I have had the mandate in the post and sent it off over a week ago so perhaps it hasn’t been processed yet.


I just wanted to say thanks for this, and a heads up for anyone else having issues with open banking feeds in general. I knew the banks weren’t fully up to speed with open banking but after spending most of today trying to get to speak to someone who knew at least something about their own processes at all was an eye opener. Even after speaking to the right people it took me asking them specifically about the signed mandate before they said “yeah, think that’s probably it”. The first line of support told me it was an error with Quickfile even though the errors appear on their site after I log in!

Absolutely frustrating, I can see a switch to Starling coming sooner rather than later!