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Hi my bank feed needed a re-consent; despite having been through this process it has now stopped refreshing my two accounts. I have removed the feeds and reset them and then refreshed them again but they are still not updating and are out of date by nearly a fortnight. Can you help please? Kate

Hi @Kelky,

Is it an open banking feed? and Which bank is it that you’re with?

Hi Kelky,

I think there are some known issues with Barclays. May you can find something here :

I finally succeeded by logging in with my PIN Sentry as opposed to Online Banking. Took a while to sort out though. I think the Online Banking option should be taken away as you will never link your Quickfile open feed with this method. It is all to do with the level of security at Barclays and PIN Sentry is much higher than online banking and you can do more with your bank account.

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I have used it for Barlcays for a number of years and it has been fine - with a few hiccups - it seems to have started to work again this morning - I will back fill and see how we go… Thanks for the replies. Kate

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