Barclays Open Banking Feeds

I am new to Quickfile after having switched from Wave Accounting who have chosen to withdraw from open banking feeds even as a paid service (retrograde step). However, after having paid the £15/year subscription to Quickfile I did not expect to walk into problems so early with the open banking feeds at Barclays. I have gone through the authorisation procedure but do not get automatically returned back to the open banking page so as to link the bank account with my Quickfile account. Is this another teething problem to do with Barclays as you have said in your latest update that some banks are not quite ready and maybe extending the Yodlee links as a temporary measure?

When you say you are not returned to Quickfile do you get any errors? What actually happens?

On following the Quickfile instructions, once authorized and logged into Barclays via Quickfile the open banking feed menu all I see is the Barclays dashboard and lists of personal and business accounts. After that the screen just sits there. Linking the feed to Quickfile seems impossible at the moment to start uploading transactions and data etc?

To get back into Qucikfile I have to log in again and click activate bank feed and there is none there. You just seem to go round and round in circles.

It does work as I (and others) have been using the Barclays feed for months now.

The issue is usually down to an error on Barclays end, and I had several issues setting up the feed. Usually though you get the option to select an account to link. What account type are you trying to link to? Is it just a standard UK GBP current account?

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OK thanks. Primarily, the account is a business current type alongside a Business Reserve Account. What Barclays URL should I be logging onto for this type of account? I know some banks have a separate one for business banking.

Barclays lump everything under one login by default, they don’t care or differentiate between anything at all. If you are logging in and seeing the accounts it sounds like you are getting sent to the right URL by Quickfile, but then Barclays are for whatever reason not doing something their end. Adblockers/cookies/browser addon issues maybe?

I will check and see, clear the browser cache, cookies, history etc. I use Google Chrome which is one of the best for working with websites. I am also going to try to connect via Yodlee and see what happens and keep you posted.

I’d suggest not connecting by Yodlee as you will need to disable that and connect via the Open Banking feed soon anyway.

I connected OK to Barclays bank feed OK sing Yodlee but you are advocating remove by 14th September? Just waiting for the overnight upload.

You will have no choice in the matter, the Yodlee feed for Barclays will be turned off then as there is a working Open Banking alternative.

Oh thanks for that snippet of information that I already knew. So the Quickfile open banking feed does not work as proven and yet the Yodlee one does. Where does that leave a new Customer who has just paid £18 in good faith??

Hi @Bennie

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. We’ll certainly try our best to get this working for you.

With this, do you remain on the Barclays site, or is it just that you’re returned to the wrong page on QuickFile? If it is the latter, would you mind uploading a screenshot please (removing any sensitive information)?

Barclays provide 2 ways of linking the account, one is through online banking the other option is from the mobile banking app.

Have you tried the Mobile Banking route? It will display a 6 digit code that you need to key into your mobile banking app. It’s usually a little less error prone in our experience.

I am sorry I answered the question you asked that you already knew the answer to.

I have activated the bank feed, and removed the active Yodlee feed. When I now go to add the Barclays Open Banking Feed by clicking Activate Bank Feed, I still get the same option to add Barclays via pin sentry or security options? Surely there should be something different showing as I now have an active Barclays Open Banking Feed?

Hi @tjroberts3,

With the account that you are connecting have you set Barclays as the Bank Name in the account settings?

If it is still set as ‘Other’ then it will automatically direct you to Yodlee

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Thank you! Doesn’t say to do that anywhere in the support articles nor the website messages.

Hi @tjroberts3,

It is mentioned in the Knowledge Base article: Managing Open Banking Feeds

But glad that you’ve sorted it now :slight_smile:

That was not the nature of the question. Clarification was required on the 14th September deadline for Barclays because on your website there was a bulletin of 2nd September to the effect that you were considering extension as some banks were not quite ready. The Quickfile Barclays bank feed has been proven not to work this end. Next time read and inwardly digest. Are you always sarcastic and “cocky” to new Customers. I do not want you dealing with my enquiries from hereon. You are far too agressive for my liking!