Bcc CRM on all outgoing emails?

I’m sure this has been asked before but I’ve been hunting round the forum for an hour now and can’t find a solution, I’m sure it’s really simple

I use a CRM that allows, like most, to bcc emails that will then be logged against the CRM record with the main recipient email address (hope I explained that properly)

So is there a way I can bcc my CRM on all outgoing emails, invoices, quotes etc?


Much love as always


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Hi @Chris_Days

It’s not possible at the moment to BCC every email to a fixed address. The only option available is to CC (which acts more like a BCC) to the logged in user.

I don’t recall this being mentioned before, so I’ve changed this to a feature request thread for other users to add their vote and/comment to.

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I’d be interested in this being an option native to Quickfile also. At the moment we send our transactional email through Elastic Email,and just have the option set within their control panel to BCC emails to alternative addresses.

Elastic Email Website

This would be a great help for us also - using HubSpot CRM