Budgeting before expenditure

At present we create a budget for a project in a spreadsheet, then later have to transfer the balances or transactions from QuickFile to be able to see how the project is performing or for reporting.

I’m sure others would find different uses for the feature, but I’d like to be able to assign a budget to each nominal code for a particular project, then see how much of the budget has been used (expenditure) or achieved (income) within QuickFile, as our single financial tool.

One of the great benefits of QuckFile for us as a small business is that it’s simple to use and quite compact - we don’t have to have masses of different software doing different things, and this addition would bring all of our financial tools into a single package.

I suppose, BTW, that yearly budgets per nominal code outside projects would also be useful for our departments to see how they are performing, and to assist in our financial planning as a small organisation.

Hi @iainhallam

Thank you for your suggestion. As with most feature requests we’ll leave this topic open to see what interest there is from the community.

I would really love this feature and/or bench-marking/Key performance factors.

I know quick files does absolutely everything but Im greedy.

Absolutely! This feature is a must.
Businesses must be ale to control income and expenditure, not just record it.

I work with schools and they need to have budgets in their accounts software. It’s a big market - add this features and you’re in!


Would be extremely useful to have this feature. To be able to know how much money is left for particular codes

This is still a key feature for us - monthly exports and linking to a spreadsheet take time and are error prone - but we have to do it. I have considered running a second copy of QuickFile with either one transaction per year or month on each nominal code - this would still require a way of comparing the two but could be done with the api

This would help me too, as a charity treasurer.

See also Creating a budget.