Creating a budget

Loving Quick File - its ease of use in particular.

One question though - is it possible to create a budget in the software for each Nominal Ledger Code, and to then report Year to Date etc against the progress?

This would be a really great help to us. Any suggestions/ work arounds greatly appreciated.

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Glad to hear you are finding the software easy to use!

I’ve converted this thread to a “feature request” as this is not something we currently support. If other users would find such a feature useful then please add your vote and we can discuss further how it should be implemented.

Thanks for your input!


Have been using Quickfile for over 5 years in 4 different guises. I imagine several of us have just got used to the fact there is no budget facility and put up with it. Is there any chance you could poll us all and ask if there is a groundswell of desire for budgets, and then progress this 6 year old request. Thanks so much,

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Hi @TreasurerEPC

We do monitor the interest in these suggestions. If you click “Vote” at the top of the thread, that will show your interest.

Other users can add their interest too

See also Budgeting before expenditure.

Any movement on this, I think this would be a very handy tool for business development :smiley: