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Bulk Client Messages


I want to check that all the Managers who’s names on the invoices are still correct as I know at least a handful of the clients have New Managers in place.

I don’t use CRM software so this is not an option for me.

Is there a way to send a bulk message to each client to check the details on the account are still correct? Or would I need to do this individually. Ideally I would like any E-mail address registered as a client (some have three or more contacts) to be able to get the message and confirm or provide change of details. Any non replies would also indicate an old contact.

Many of my clients have new managers in place and the old managers name is still reflected on the invoices but as I don’t have much contact that’s my consultants it’s hard to gain an understanding of who has changed. Having the ability to send one bulk message would solve this. It may be something I would then set to happen annually.

Hi @Andrew_Barber

Unfortunately, the bulk email option isn’t a feature of QuickFile. However, there are some work arounds mentioned in the following thread that may be of use to you: Bulk Email

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